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Private In-Home Training

Train in your own home on your schedule! Enjoy individual instruction in a stress free setting where your dog can focus on you. We teach positive reinforcement methods in a way that engages your dog and makes training fun for both of you. All our training is based on the foundation of animal learning theory and our methods are gentle and humane. Create a bond that lasts a lifetime!

If you are not sure what you need I can put together a custom training package tailored to meet your goals and your dog’s personality! Work on one command or several!


Training Packages

If you are looking for specific training such as basic obedience, puppy training, or leash manners then we have a package for you!

Focus & Control

Why teach your dog basic obedience if you can’t use it outside of the home? This program gives you the tools to communicate effectively so your dog will respond in distracting environments, while establishing basic obedience at home. You will also learn how to prevent problem behaviors before they start. Perfect for young dogs, older dogs who “won’t listen”, or dogs who have little or no training, this is my most popular program!

$500 for five 45 minute sessions

“Leg-Up” Puppy Program

Start your adorable new family member off on the right paw with our “Leg Up” puppy program! This fun and informative program will help set a solid foundation for a lifetime of good behavior. In the comfort of your own home you will learn about your puppy's key developmental stages and the importance of a strong socialization routine. We'll also go over the most common and important puppy issues:

* Alone Time Training

* House Training

* Proper Manners

* Chew Training

* Bite Inhibition and Jaw Prudence

* Exercise and Proper Play Skills

* Developing Basic Obedience

Our program includes lifetime phone/e-mail support. Invest in your puppy's future today!

Puppies must be between 7-18 weeks of age

Rate: $500 for five 45 minute sessions

"We started working with One Dog At A Time about a year ago. Bella, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix, wasn't necessarily a bad dog. She just had some habits and behaviors that we didn't fully understand how to deal with. August not only helped us work on the basics like "sit" and "down" but he helped us to understand Bella's natural drives (dog urges, if you will). Working on how to cater to these drives in a healthy manner has made all the difference for Bella and I.

August has an obvious passion for animals and he loves sharing his knowledge. Bella just adored him and I felt very comfortable having him in my home. I would highly recommend One Dog At A Time for all of your training and dog walking needs. August is prompt in his communication and always a great resource to utilize if you have any questions." -Kendall

Not sure whether your dog needs Training or Behavior Modification?

If you are looking to establish or refine a behavior: Sit, Stay, Come, etc., you are looking for Training.

If you are looking to eliminate or reduce undesired behavior: jumping, barking, dog reactivity, etc., you are looking for Behavior Modification.

Still not sure? Give me a call and I will help you sort it out. (206) 851-563

"Thank you for all the wonderful care you have taken of Hunter & Poppy. We have noticed huge leaps in their leash walking! You seem to have had the magic touch with them." - Kathy & Tad

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