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One Dog at a Time is owned and operated by August Henrich, CCS. August is a graduate of the esteemed Seattle School of Canine Studies(now known as the Northwest School of Canine Studies) and full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Prior to starting One Dog at a Time he worked at the Seattle Humane Society as a member of the Behavioral Management Team and Kennel Attendant, providing direct care for up to 100 or more dogs a day. 

He has also logged more than 500 hours volunteering at PAWS in Lynnwood, WA, and spent two years working for one of the largest dog walking companies in Seattle. By even the most modest estimate he has cared for literally thousands of dogs to date.

“My passion for dogs began over thirty years ago when I first met my amazing dog Sheeba, a sweet and gentle soul who taught me how profound a relationship with a dog can be. I knew very little about dogs at the time and she was extremely patient with me while I learned to understand and appreciate her canine mystique. Through her I delved into the world of dogs and found myself increasingly fascinated by canine behavior. My life was so enriched by this "mutt" from a shelter that she inspired me to reach out and do more for dogs in need. As a shelter worker and volunteer I gained intimate knowledge of the behaviors that cause so many dogs to be surrendered. As a professional trainer it is my goal to better educate people about those behaviors and strengthen the bond between owners and their dogs.” -August Henrich, CCS

For an appointment or further information please contact us

(206) 851-5636

Due to Covid-19 we require all clients to be fully vaccinated

and willing to provide proof upon request.

Attention: If you have a Comcast/Xfinity or MSN email address PLEASE CALL me or use an alternate email address. Comcast/Xfinity and MSN will not deliver emails or online forms to my server Vistaprint. I am working to resolve this issue, my apology for the inconvenience.

If you do not receive a response to your email or online form

within 72 hours, PLEASE CALL.

Online: Please fill out the form below. In the Comments section please be sure to include your phone number, dog's name, age, breed, and why you are contacting us.

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We are located in Shoreline, Washington and service the following areas:

Dog Training & Behavior Modification:

North Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, Montlake Terrace

We are fully insured and licensed

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