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Behavior Modification

“I love my dog, but...” Your dog is a great source of love, companionship, and fun but problem behaviors can be frustrating and strain your relationship. One Dog at a Time can help! Instead of punishing undesired behavior we focus on what's causing that behavior and work from there to change it using gentle, humane methods. We will formulate a plan of action that works for your dog's personality and your lifestyle. Your dog's behavior did not take shape overnight and will not disappear overnight, but with patience, understanding, and commitment change can happen.

We can help modify the following behaviors or whatever else your dog needs!

*Attention Seeking *Begging * Housebreaking *Digging *Barking

*In-Home Destruction *Mouthing *Counter Surfing *Chasing *Greeting Manners *Owner Irrelevance *Recall *Chewing *Jumping *Stealing (laundry, trash, etc.) *General Anxiety *Resource Guarding *Stranger Aggression *Separation Anxiety *Prey Drive *On-leash Aggression

All behavior modification requires an initial 90 minute behavior analysis and consultation. We gather detailed information about your dog and your lifestyle to develop a training plan that is tailored to match your goals and your dog’s personality. This time is also used for us to get acquainted with your dog and get you started on your behavior modification goals.

Initial Consultation: $175 Additional Training: $100/hour

"You've saved our relationship with Gusto! We are so glad we found you. Thank you so much for all your lessons and customized notes. You have made a huge positive difference in our lives. You are an excellent coach & teacher. Thank you August!" -Jeff and Mary

"Our old shepherd-mix is fearful of people and aggressive to other dogs. August quickly gained our dog's trust and helped him feel safer. As a result, there is less reactive behavior. August has a passion for helping troubled dogs. He has the experience and credentials to be effective. We are grateful to him for improving our dog's life." -Valerie and Joseph

Not sure whether your dog needs Training or Behavior Modification?

If you are looking to establish or refine a behavior: Sit, Stay, Come, etc., you are looking for Training.

If you are looking to eliminate or reduce undesired behavior: jumping, barking, dog reactivity, etc., you are looking for Behavior Modification.

Still not sure? Give me a call and I will help you sort it out. (206) 851-5636

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